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Guinness World Records World Heaviest Bicycle


Guinness World Records was formed in 1955, later renamed as The Guinness Book of Records and currently again renamed as The Guinness Book of World Records. It was founded by Hugh Beaver. Sir Hugh Eyre Campbell Beaver was an engineer and he worked in Indian Police during British Rule in India for 10 years. Later, after return to country he joined an engineering firm and become partner. He worked as Director General and Controller General of the Ministry of Work. He got idea to form Guinness World Record, after watch a debate.
The founder of Guinness World Records, Beaver went to a shooting party in November 1951, in Ireland. He became engross in a debate, in which people was arguing about the fastest game bird in Europe. Beaver had a thought that how many such arguments are there in the people and no such book is to settle them.  Beaver’s decide to turn his idea in a reality. He was recommended two brothers in London by some of his friends. They were collecting such information. They joined Beaver and the Guinness Book of Records first edition was published in August 1954. People started taking interest in the book and it got most popular book and now the book hold a record of bestselling copyrighted book around the world.
Now it is become a craze in people to become a world record holder and see their name in Guinness Book of World Records. For the purpose, they world harder even for years and some others who are born with natural talent. World’s Fastest Toilet, which runs wheels, can travel 55mph. Most Apple Crushed with the bicep i.e. 10 apple in a minute. The Largest Playing Card Structure took 44 days 218000 playing cards to build. Buried Alive, 10 day buried alive in a grave without food and water connected just a ventilation pipe. The heaviest weight lifted by tong, which is 12.5 kg. The longest bicycle, 117 feet 5 inches long bicycle. These are some the records are recorded by Guinness Book.
There is record captured in the video. The heaviest ride able bicycle weighing 860 KGs, was prepared by Jeff Peeters from Belgium. The bicycle was built with re-used material. Jeff has extensive in creating contraptions and hold the world record. 
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