Saturday, September 16, 2017

these girl faced alot of issue while traveling


We all know that how women face in some kind of problems where there she is alone and used by some one who is not like her make her some kind of prisoner and make her like how he wants. If he is to rich to do anything then what women can do because everyone wants a women like maid who do anything we want to ask her and she have to do that and no one can see no to do anything otherwise they have to prison ed or make them strict punish and take them to jail or any where kind of bad clubs and bad hotels and them whores and make them to make money with doing some kind of bad things.

Some women get blackmailed because they need money other half anything they do what other says and how they come in places like that where women gets everything like this if they do something they have to be punished and if not do they will also get punished in this situation what she can do and who one will help her in this time when she needed it.

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Women is always be trust full but when she get a wrong one then she get away from her line and makes always mistakes and get more in trouble from where she cant come in normal life and always says she didn’t thought any thing like that be happen with her because she didn’t know that where she is going and what result come.

What she is taking steps are they right or wrong and she cant thing like man so she have to think first and take some time to do any thing not make any thing wrong because after that this kind of things came out and make problems for anyone and after that nothing can do anything.
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