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International trade is the most important term used in trade and business. Such trade is carried out of the boundaries of a country for earning more traffic.

The definition of international trade is not very different from the usual way we define the trade. The only difference is that the emergence of trade crosses geographical boundaries. A country may consider global trade in an effort to give GDP a boost with great speed. Global business is nothing new to the world of business. We have been trading across borders since he found a method to move past the boundaries of the past modes of transport, but the trade path made these days is much more complicated and lucrative than it used to be.

International trade is also important for the value of life today; I imagine that if our choices were limited to what we can produce in the country. No goods and services available to other countries, would be living in a world limited to what we are given, this is against the principle of humanity's growth. International business also involves high costs because the price of the product or service, the national government usually imposes tariffs, time costs and the many other costs involved in moving (usually) the goods through in a country where there are various obstacles.

One of the best drivers in the world of international trade we have today is China, where labor is plentiful and cheap. Many physical goods considered and produced by the U.S. and other European countries are assembled or manufactured in China, where labor is cheap. This is very distinctive because it is a measure that can save money and efforts of the country of origin. In addition, opening the door for China citizens now has more income opportunities to make their life better.

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However, when a country is very much in international trade, although it creates opportunities for exponential income locals for the import or export much of anything can cause damage to the local scene. During the recession, countries are under pressure to change local laws governing international trade to protect local industries. Each country related to global business has its own laws and statutes governing their own trade policy, but worldwideHealth Fitness Articles, trading activities are monitored and done through the World Trade Organization.

Thus global trade plays a very significant role in promoting and exploring your business on a global level. 

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Guinness World Records World Heaviest Bicycle

Guinness World Records was formed in 1955, later renamed as The Guinness Book of Records and currently again renamed as The Guinness Book of World Records. It was founded by Hugh Beaver. Sir Hugh Eyre Campbell Beaver was an engineer and he worked in Indian Police during British Rule in India for 10 years. Later, after return to country he joined an engineering firm and become partner. He worked as Director General and Controller General of the Ministry of Work. He got idea to form Guinness World Record, after watch a debate.
The founder of Guinness World Records, Beaver went to a shooting party in November 1951, in Ireland. He became engross in a debate, in which people was arguing about the fastest game bird in Europe. Beaver had a thought that how many such arguments are there in the people and no such book is to settle them.  Beaver’s decide to turn his idea in a reality. He was recommended two brothers in London by some of his friends. They were collecting such information. They joined Beaver and the Guinness Book of Records first edition was published in August 1954. People started taking interest in the book and it got most popular book and now the book hold a record of bestselling copyrighted book around the world.
Now it is become a craze in people to become a world record holder and see their name in Guinness Book of World Records. For the purpose, they world harder even for years and some others who are born with natural talent. World’s Fastest Toilet, which runs wheels, can travel 55mph. Most Apple Crushed with the bicep i.e. 10 apple in a minute. The Largest Playing Card Structure took 44 days 218000 playing cards to build. Buried Alive, 10 day buried alive in a grave without food and water connected just a ventilation pipe. The heaviest weight lifted by tong, which is 12.5 kg. The longest bicycle, 117 feet 5 inches long bicycle. These are some the records are recorded by Guinness Book.
There is record captured in the video. The heaviest ride able bicycle weighing 860 KGs, was prepared by Jeff Peeters from Belgium. The bicycle was built with re-used material. Jeff has extensive in creating contraptions and hold the world record. 

How to Use Its Green Attributes to Market Your Rental Property

Green is green but not literally green! Whoah! Sounds confusing? Right! But not at all if you're one among the rising number of persons who are becoming green-minded. Yes, you read the term correctly! But again, you might be interpreting it wrongly! This doesn't mean having a naughty or sexually related interpretations of things and ideas. It is meant to refer to the state of being environmentally-inclined to almost anything within your lifestyle.

Being green when it comes to your home is one of the most celebrated ideas in the world of home construction and home decoration today. While site, height or elevation, square footage and number of years from date of construction are still among the top determinants of renal property prices, the green attributes are closely following as common selling factors too. And with this, if you have a rental property, capitalizing on them can give you an edge over competitors. Here's how.

LEED Certification: Assurance matters. It certainly is. If you're on to proving to potential tenants that you're building is green, then its LEED certification is an important presentation. Today, this certification is world-renowned symbol of achieving sustainability development. It stamps the building with a rating that makes it healthy, efficient, and cost-saving. According to a study, green rental properties showed a strong command of 9.1% more rental premium as compared to their competitors which are not LEED-certified.

Energy Star Compliance: Another way to market your rental property is by presenting its energy star compliance to the customers. It is a measure of energy efficiency issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While it is commonly associated with the energy-saving features of appliances, green buildings are also issued with this symbol to recognize the efforts of developers and owners in making the property a contributor to lessening carbon footprints and increasing energy efficiency.
Who to Market
Millennials are the best market audience of rental properties. In a recent article published by, it was stated that millennials are driving up the single-family rental market. Their semi-nomadic lifestyles give them the mobility and flexibility to accommodate new challenges to their freedom, careers, and independence.

Green rental properties give millennials the edge of sustainability while digesting its benefits and without having to give up the freedom they always wanted.

Where to Market

The millennials are very attached to the technology of their generation. This is very evident in every aspect of their lives. And you would seemingly fail not to see a millennial without gadgets wherever they may go. Be it at home, workplace, malls, food hubs, and even in beaches, forests, mountains, and caves - the millennials are always armed with their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearable technology pieces. These are proofs of their mobility, tech-saviness, and even an option for their flexible productivity.

They are always on top of their social media accounts. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other well-known social media networks today, a millennial has certainly an account maintained. With this, there is no other option but to enter their world as well if you want to connect with them and tap heir potentials as the next tenants of your green rental property.

Methods of Marketing

Social media is such a powerful tool. Make your rental property known to the millennials through posts, photos, and videos. Descriptive texts along with enticing photos and a video tour of the property are some ways you can use to introduce your property to potential tenants.

Millennials would certainly love to experience living in your rental property that offers wide street lines, a yard and even a car port. While enjoying these perks, they are still bestowed the capacity to move out when necessary as if a new adventure awaits them in the open!

Desare is an experienced realtor and Military Relocation Professional servicing the counties of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade. With a team of 90 real estate agents under her, your chase for your dream house will be an easy and flawless one, assuring you to obtain all the professional assistance they can give. For more details about her services, hop on to

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Date Caught On Independence Day In India

Are you thinking of getting green certification for your property? Do you think it's worth it? Have you thought of the advantages or the benefits it can give you? How would you like to be in the 79% of property owners who are expected to build green properties by 2018? If you answered Yes to these questions, read the rest of the article and know the benefits of getting your property green-certified.

Lessened Operating Costs: The high amount of operating expenses always burden the pockets of property owners. And to think that owning a property is something that can help shape one's future, reducing the operating costs can clearly help save more. There are many studies that support the fact that green buildings are known to have a payback of about seven to eight years depending on the types of enhancements done relevant to energy-efficiency, sustainability, and aesthetics. According to one study, the operating costs can be reduced to as much as 13%. And if an owner converts his property to rental, he can reap an increased profit of margin by charging premium rents over competitors which are not green-certified.

Decreased Vacancy Rates: Owners who want to secure the future of their children are likely to opt converting their homes as property rentals. And by doing green retrofits, there is an increased chance of the property always being rented. The tenants are also likely to renew their leases because of the benefits they have experienced in their first months of tenancy. Again, studies show that there is a lower vacancy rate for green buildings. They are 4% lower as compared to property rentals which are not green-certified.

Surge in Investor Interest: Green buildings show consistent high scores in terms of energy efficiency. They also show consistently high rates of tenant retention causing investors to be driven closer to them. If in such instance an investor wants to add your property in its portfolio, it becomes an instant proof of their company's commitment to sustainability. It scores them a point to shareholders who always look up for the ways that the company they invest into has a social responsibility. Thus, be sure to get your property green-certified. It is a proof more than the features you'll brag that it is green!
Avoid Being Tagged of Green Washing. With green buildings come the closely associated term of green washing, This term refers to labeling the building green when in fact it is not. It is a direct manifestation of lying to clients. When proven, it can bring headache to the owner and property manager. But when you're green-certified, you are instantly get rid of this tag and won't be labeled as such because you have proof.
Desare is an experienced realtor and Military Relocation Professional servicing the counties of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade. With a team of 90 real estate agents under her, your chase for your dream house will be an easy and flawless one, assuring you to obtain all the professional assistance they can give. For more details about her services, hop on to

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Modular buildings are built almost entirely in a factory and arrive at the site 90 - 95% complete. Framing, insulation, roofing, siding, doors, windows, electrical, plumbing, and interior finishes are completed in the secure environment of the factory. After which, the modules are shipped to the site where they are ready to be finished with interior amenities, appliances, paint, and carpet.

Key Advantages of Modular Construction?

Short Build Times

Typically, 50-60% less time is taken when compared to traditional methods.

Safer Construction

Modular construction has proven much safer than traditional constructional methods.

Environment Friendly

Efficient factory production techniques are less wasteful and installation is less disruptive.

Reduced Labor Requirement

The erection and finishing teams require fewer workers than traditional methods.


Modular construction can easily be disassembled and then get relocated for new use.


The buildings are designed to quickly add or remove modules suiting to the need of the client.

What types of modular construction are there?

They are of two types: Permanent construction and Relocatable construction. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

Permanent Construction

This type of construction provides markets with the performance of conventional construction in roughly half the time. This construction has a life cycle expectancy identical to that of conventional construction. The design considerations for permanent construction is higher.

Relocatable Construction

It provides the market with instant relief for space needs as the project time for this type of construction is very less. The construction generally provides a life cycle of 1 - 7 years. This market is primarily driven by low-cost of production and speed of construction.

A report by a market research firm estimates a high growth rate for the global modular construction market.

The market is still in its early stages, particularly in the United States, despite having been in existence for at least 25 years. Countries, such as the United Kingdom and India, have shown a significant increase in modular construction. In India, the government plans to build 50 million homes and more than 90 smart cities by the year 2022. Certain cities, like Bengaluru, have already inculcated the modular construction in the residential and industrial sectors.

The main hurdles for modular construction market are increased costs in transportation and logistics. Studies have shown that shipping modules become cost prohibitive when they must travel more than 150 to 200 miles from the factory to site. The industry generally recognizes 125 miles as the maximum practical distance modules should need to travel from factory to site.

A report by Mordor Intelligence, a market research firm estimates a high growth rate for the market.

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An auto insurance agent understands the competitiveness of the auto insurance business. Gone are the days when few insurance agents used to supply insurance finance leads to every dealer in town. Today, there are numerous agents competing with each other and trying to win clients for their respective companies. With the global economic crisis, many insurance agents have faced the music of failing to meet their sales target. But with so many insurance agents and a handful number of customers, how can an agent try to meet the targets? Well, in such scenarios, one of the best approaches is to have a bunch of auto insurance finance leads ready on your desk. You might think this is easier said than done. It is a fact that advertising needs considerable amount of money and the results take too much time to show up. Again, the cold calling procedure is tedious and has turned out to be immensely ineffective and unpopular. Fortunately, the situation is not that worse as you presume. There are a lot of car owners and drivers in town and each of them are in need of car insurance. As a matter of fact, there are people who have been losing sweat over finding best insurance rates. Thus, it can be deduced that the potential customers are available in the market and it is just a matter of carving a winning technique that would convert the prospective leads into sales.

The cornerstone to a successful auto insurance business is establishing contact with potential clients who are keen to buy auto insurance or are looking to change their insurance policies. Such pile of prospective insurance finance leads should be lying on your desk and these will convert into sales. Today, you need not adapt to cold calling techniques or dig a hole in your pocket for advertising; rather, it is easier to get these kinds of quality auto insurance leads, than it was ever before.

Today, you will find plethora of services that sell auto insurance finance leads. These leads comprise of people who have searched out insurance quotes online. When you purchase leads as these, you actually maximizing the prospect of sales conversion. And the best part is, you can purchase a number of leads from the insurance leads providers, and can always have a stock of fresh leads on the desk.

The mantra to succeed from these kinds of online auto insurance finance leads is to take advantage of them right away. The leads that you purchase are relatively new and the database comprises of prospective clients who have enquired about car insurance, very recently. All you need to do after purchasing them is give these leads a call and provide them with details about your program.

So, before you feel upset about losing out to your competitors, give it another try. Contact an insurance leads generation company and avail their services to boost your sales and revenues, in the best way.

It goes without saying that before buying a list of insurance finance leads, the sales teams must consider the reputation of the lead providing company and ensure that the leads they generate are apt for their requirements. Many insurance finance lead companies offer low-cost or free samples of leads and these samples are best for assessing the overall quality and flexibility of the different service providers. Evaluating the reputation and competence of the different insurance finance lead suppliers, an insurance agent can improve the metrics and meet their sales goals.

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Palestinian women in Israeli

Jerusalem prosecutors filed indictments Monday against an East Jerusalem woman accused of injuring two people in a terror attack in the capital that they allege she carried out in the hope of “dying as a martyr.”Fadwa Hamada, 29, was indicted at the Jerusalem District Court on two counts of committing a terror act, attempted murder, and being in possession of a knife.

Prosecutors say Hamada, from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sur Baher, decided to kill Israeli citizens in a terror attack during which she would die as a “martyr.”In the wake of the stabbing earlier this month, Hebrew and Arabic media reported Hamada is a mother of five children.

According to the indictments, on August 12 Hamada told her husband she wasn’t feeling well and took a cab to the area of the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem, bringing a 12 centimeters (5 inch) knife with her in order to carry out the attack.

After exiting the vehicle she saw an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man walking back from prayers at the Western Wall. Hamada rushed at the man and tried to stab him.“The accused, with the intention of carrying out her murder plan, pulled the knife out of her bag, approached the plaintiff, and attacked him…with the aim of killing him,” the indictment said.

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